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Our larger Premium Panoramic Barrel Sauna comes with a larger acrylic bubble back wall, allowing you to take in the spectaculars views of the lake, mountains, forest or anywhere else you choose.  You will enjoy the health benefits of the sauna and feel relaxed in this spacious sauna with a view.  



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Featuring no building permits required and a complete set of pre-assembled components, the Bunkie is your ideal space to

The newest addition to The BUNKIE family will be on display at The Muskoka Store!


Home of the Summer Accents Umbrella, Water Canopy, is your one stop shop for professional, top quality canopies, shade umbrellas, screen enclosures, and accessories. Order yours online today!

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The Aura is a wearable prescription medication and fitness tracker:
– Track a wearers prescription compliance alerting them to take their meds as prescribed,
– Track the wearers various medication inventories in real time,
– Send the wearers pharmacy an auto-email prescription refill request when inventory gets low,
– Send the wearers pharmacy & caregivers notification after the is wearer noncompliant for 24 hours

Absolutely the Best Price $140 with FREE Shipping!




Check our New  Thermo Temperature Watch

The BedMaker

Check out our Live Online Demo on how you can have full access to your mattress while changing sheets.

Ideal for Retired, People with back pains and any one who wants to change a bed quickly and easily.

Order a Set of 4 for $49.95 with FREE Shipping!

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Check out our Live Online Store with a full selection of Living Edge furnishings.

Order yours online today!

  • Online Store
  • 705-746-0560
  •  ryan@ibranchedout.com

Revolutionary Dock Coupler, with all the parts self contained, it offers a simple process that supports the ramp loads in alignment while actuating from above decking with a single tool. 




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Microgreen’s Power Pak solar system kit gives cottagers the most economical means to go off-grid and save those utility charges. In less than 3 years, they typically achieve enough savings to cover the full cost of the Power Pak and can additionally save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the system.







Before we built this lift a trip to the dock for the owners began with an exciting trip on a 15 min 4×4 gator to get to a dock where they transferred everything to a boat and then took a 15 min boat-ride to finally reach it. Trips to the dock were neither spontaneous nor frequent. Now it’s 1 minute walk and a 1 minute ride, making spontaneous and frequent trips possible…

                    john@inclinedelevation.com    705 783 9352.



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From paddling to rowing in less than 5 minutes, keeping us all on the water having fun with fitness and adventure.

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The Best Experience Ever
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